ISO standards

Policy for IMS


Core business?

The main activity is the production and installation of concrete of all types, concrete pipes for sewage and their construction, concrete blocks, construction of various buildings from civil engineering, roads and gaps, water and sewage systems, construction of various buildings from the building, construction of individual residential buildings.


The main goal?

The main goal of the management and the employees is the delivery of products and the provision of services to its customers that meet all the normative requirements and are of high quality.


Production and product?

Production and product that meets the standards for the protection of nature and the environment as well as the health of employees and people.


Continuous degree

The level of customer satisfaction is constantly followed and analyzes their recommendations, requests and complaints and uses them to improve the product characteristics and to perfect the integrated management system.



A team of qualified and motivated executives is maintained and takes care of maintaining a pleasant working environment, with each enforcement agent being aware of the importance of his actions in meeting customer requirements and the prosperity of the firm.


Care and Consent?

Care is taken for the satisfaction of employees. We take care of long-term and quality cooperation with our suppliers, in order to provide quality products and services. We always work in accordance with the existing legal regulations, with an obligation to preserve the environment.